Friday, 4 November 2016

my First Post 📄

Hello guys My name is onyee otori, and welcome to my blog.

i'm so excited and i cant wait to share this wonderful journey with y'all. Brief chit chat about me ;
 I'm your every day girl, I love to sing, dance, read, I love makeup and fashion, I also love to research lol, I love pictures. 

 so basically i love Diy's  (do it yourself)  i'm always fascinated by it and I feel very proud and happy with myself whenever i make or transform anything.  I started this blog to share all the amazing stuff I will be making , also so you guys learn how to do simple stuff with materials you probably have at home, sometimes you don't have to break the bank to get little things done, so I'm also showing you how you can save some coins. I chose this platform because of it's flexibility and freedom to share as many photos videos, to better explain the creative steps to you.

So I'll be sharing alot with you guys like ; 
* how to maintain your weaves, how to make them look "alive". Like your human hair that's probably looking dry and frizzy.

*how to recycle/upcycle old clothes or thrifted clothes, how to transform some  old clothes. Including some from your mama. lol, 

*how make clothes, simple ankara styles, t-shirts also etc.

*how to make some simple wall art for your rooms /sitting rooms.

*how to make wigs 
*how to maintain your natural hair 

*makeup tutorials 

Anything I find helpful, I'll be sharing with y'all.

So stay tuned guys and also you're free to ask questions on the diy's, I'd be happy to reply you and better explain any step.