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Day 1 of The 12DaysofGlory!!!!!! At COZA!!!

Happy New year Guys, so!!!! This is a Diy blog y'all know that from the title and i'm yet to post  tutorials, but worry Not!! I shall soon.
Today's post is about my extraordinary experience at the 1st day of the 12 days of Glory in coza Abuja ,Nigeria.

                        CrossSection of the congregation in coza during the Service yesterday

So COZA! Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly is a lovely church i started attending at the beginning of 2016 at exactly this same period. The church has blessed me so much and i literally reconnected with Jesus all over again  and i grew spiritually practicing the word of God my pastor preaches and me and my family have been truly blessed.

line Up of The Great Men of God ministering during The 12DG!!!! 

Now The 12days of Glory is a program organised annually in my church from the 2nd of January to the 13th and again in june from the 1st to the 7th. During this period we wait on the Lord(fast), pray , read the bible and receive instruction from God.
 In the place of prayer God ministers to my pastor, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo , the  great men of God from all over the world that would grace our stage, come preach to us and impact us with the word of God and it's been truly a great experience.

                               The Avalanche

As the  service started we were led into a beautiful praise and worship session by the Avalanche and ever since i understood the concept of worship and i have been  taught that in the presence of God there's fullness of joy , so why not put that joy on display!!!! Don't just stand there like a firewood!!!!
I was jumping, singing, dancing worshipping my maker,my creator.

              Senior Pastor of COZA - Pastor Modele  Fatoyinbo.

Right after we were led into a prayer session where we declared words by my senior pastor , Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo, everytime she prays or she leads us to declare words , the word God just pours out of her and she can go on for hours praging and declaring words iver our lives, she is a great worshipper and a prayer warrior .  Sometimes she calls scriptures that i don't think i have ever seen before and the words declared there by God are so powerful, i take note of them and i go back home and continue declaring those words into every facet of my  life.

So yesterday on the 2nd of january, We had the pleasure and we were so blessed to have with us the president and founder of DAYSTAR! Bishop Marcus Lamb!!!!! I think i was the most excited person to see him as i have been watching his program on Daystar Tv , "Marcus and Joni" with my mom most mornings on DSTV (thats our cable here in Nigeria) He has truly been a blessing to millions of
people all over the world and i just thank God for his life and ministry God has given to him and his family.

            Bishop Marcus Lamb and his Beautiful daughter Rebecca Lamb

He visited with his lovely daughter ,Rebecca and she had a few words of encouragement  to share with us , one of the most important thing she said i just quickly typed down on my tab, she said "you are special,you are not an accident. it doesn't matter what anyone says and that our worth is not in our looks or talent but in the fact that we are children of God!!!" . At this point i was shouting!!!!! Hearing that really encouraged me and i was happy to hear that word. Thank you
So much Rebecca.

Bishop Marcus Lamb was such a blessing  to us , i  literally elevated to another level just listening and these are words i have heard before but there is always this joy in my spirit when i hear the word of God because i am reminded of His promises and it just causes me to leap for joy , to be happy on the inside. He shared with us beautiful photos of his family and we were just "awwing" amd grateful to God for such a beautiful family. 
He was warm and made us all laugh a little especially when he pronounced my pastors name, his name "pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo" is a native yoruba name here in Nigeria , from the western part of the country, which for a white man maybe hard to pronounce.


He preached on the topic "this is your year of Break out and Break through"!!!
He said so many inspiring,life changing things but there were some amongst them that are so memorable and just caused a stirring on the inside of me   and i wanna share those points with you.

1. God has a design ,a destiny and a purpose
We can be all God wants us to be
There are three things you must do;
- You must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit
Be led by the Holy Spirit roms 8:14
- You must be obedient to all the Spirit saying Isa 1:19.
- Be quick to obey the voice of God.

 2. God can use people who have made mistakes and have messed up!!
   1sam 13:14 - Acts 13:22 . Cc David who was quick to repent when He sinned againsy God by commotting adultery.
     Cc Peter 2cor 4:7. Humans make mistakes. But God doesn't use our past to determine our future.

         3. The devil can't stop Gods destiny because cc- Isa 46:10
     He can't go back in time to change your destiny , he may delay it but can't stop  it. Satan is limited. God is divine !!! And unlimited. Stumbling blocks can become stepping stones

         4.God will keep His word to you. He is bound by covenant!

He went on further to preach about the Holy spirit and we were shown Scriptures in the bible , Romans 8:26 according tO the New Living Translation, were it said
" 26- And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.
27- And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God’s own will"

He then said something that struck a spine,he said "The devil doesn't know what you are saying when you pray in tongues , God is spirit, and only Him can understand what we are saying when we pray in tongues" .
Right after ,we prayed for my pastor and his beautiful family.

He then told us to lay our hands on the shoulder of the people besides us and pray for them and as he was led by the spirit of God he declared word of knowledge to some persons in the auditorium. The prescence of the Lord was truly mighty in our midst, working miracles and healing broken hearts. 

An altar call was made for people who wanted to give their lives to christ and so many people came out, i was just so happy seeing that many people give their lives to christ  and excited for the journey ahead. The bible says "come unto me all yea who are laboured and are heavy laden and i will give you rest". thank God for the rest they have entered.

My pastor went on to minister the gift of the Holy spirit to the new converts and it was just amazing as they started,blasting in other tongues. I was just overwhelmed thanking God, praying in tongues as well .

I am sooooo happy that the beginning was glorious, thank God for a Good start!!!! Thank God for my senior pastors for being sensitive in the spirit and bringing us great men and women of God to be a blessing to us.
If you are in abuja, locate us at, Guzape Hills.
Can't wait for day 2!!!
Head over to our facebook page to
See more photos and watch snippets of the service.
Photo credits - COZA GLOBAL

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