Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Day 2 of the 12DG

*screaming* Thank You Lord!!! As i stepped out of church i started to think of where else i'll be if iwasn't  attending the 12days of glory in my church in january, wow wow what a way to start the year!!!!!!!
The words i  received from my pastor today . Ah!! I was so emotional and i said to myself that my life must move forward in 2017, i must be a better christian , God has been so good to me and my family and hello oh!!! I must do better too.
The Gratitude

The 2nd day of the 12DG kicked off with us (the congregation) learning a new song taught by one of the members of  The gratitude and i love how we respond to songs in coza, it's not by whether you know the song but by the lyrics, i learnt that here in COZA.

 The Avalanche

Right after ,The Avalanche, Led us through a hot session of praise and worship. Like i said in my previous post , joining COZA has changed my perspective on worship and i'm grateful to God for it.

 Mr. Tayo Fatogun

Next came "declaration of words" , this aspect was led by Mr Tayo Fatogun , we repeated words after
 him, declaring over our finances in the year 2017 "God shall supply all our needs according to His
riches in christ Jesus"  One of the scriptures used to pray . I must say, i enjoy making confessions with my mouth ,anytime we are asked to declare words in church , i receive with a open heart and mind. Spot tje confession written on the screen in the picture above.

Senior pastor , Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo

Pastor Modele then led us to extol the name of the Lord in other tongues.
 She then called scriptures for us to pray and declare over our families, health, finances;
- deut 32:4 "He is the Rock, his works are perfect,  and all his ways are just.A faithful God who does no wrong'   upright and just is he". We declared that everything concerns us are made perfect in God. Nothing goes wrong in our lives, health, the lives of our children, my husband, my family, finances.
-Psalm 50:2 "From Zion, perfect in beauty,
    God shines forth." , we replaced Zion with our names "from Onyema and her family , perfect in beauty.  God shines forth in my family, in my life'in my business, my academics, my career" Amen!

She led us in a great prayer session and just as she concluded i came to understand what my pastor meant when he usually says "i'm married to one of the best women", we prayed for well over 30mins and she was not faint or weary but she kept charging us to thank God for strength .I love the scriptures she declared, it's like i said before , she unleashes an arsenal of,powerful Scripture's everytime. That's the kind of woman i want to be.

Senior Pastor Of COZA, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Now The word was brought to us  by my senior pastor , i was so excited!!!!! I love when he preaches, God has blessed him with the ability to make the word of God so simple to people who are maybe just being preached to, or hearing the word of God for the first time.

He climbed the stage looking dapper as always, his shoes are always on point!! He wore a set of green shoes that matched the green buttons on his shirt and i was like , yes sir!!!!!!

My pastor preached on "UNBELIEF" , Guys i have never heard the word like this . I was challenged in my spirit! I told myself "girl,you need to sit up"!!!!!

One very profound thing i learnt today was one,of the very important reason we are being told to fast and pray. We were shown a scripture where the disciples of Jesus couldn't cast out a demon and Jesus came and did it, He said to the father of the boy who was being possessed "if thou canst believe all things are possible" ... later on after Jesus had performed the miracle his disciples then asked..
 cc Matt 9:28 And when he was come into the house, his disciples asked him privately, Why could not we cast him out? 29. And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting. 

Meaning to say , his disciples had faith but at the same time had unbelief and Jesus was telling them , to overcome that unbelief, because your human mind would always doubt, you fast and you pray to overcome unbelief and stay in faith. God is not a respecter of teas or persons , GOD IS A RESPECTER OF FAITH. 

The difference between you and an unbeliever is belief, faith in the word of God. The word of God says "you are the head and not the tail" , if you believe that , then the bible has already said, "All things work together for good, for they that believe"
Guys i must say, i used to be the biggest doubter of Gods word, i just sit down and say "ehn, i have faith now, whatever wants to happen should happen, if God wants to do it He should it" . This kind of mindset has made me in the past struggle with things i should not be struggling with. But now, i thank God, i was able to build my self up with prayer and fasting ,meditating on Gods word and when i see the word of God, i say yes!!! Thats me , i believe it! i even put my name there 
"Onyee,you are the head and not the tail, girl ,your life is like a shining light,that shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day"

He also urged us to put our hope in God, and not in man. He said if we want  to see miracles in our lives, you want your life to turn around for the better you need to believe God for it, stay in faith, declare the word of God and it will surely come to pass. The word of the Lord says "the expectations  of the righteous shall not be cut short" 
He told us to trust God with our finances , that's even base level, when it comes to having faith in God , trust him and you will see what He will  do. Pay your tithe, sow seeds.  when you have the chance , give to people, bless peoples life ,and our God who is a rewarder of men , will sustain your finances. 

At the end of his sermon he encouraged us to give, to bless people who had nothing. Pastor got so emotional at this point, as he told testimonies of how God blessed him, especially when he gave , or helped someone out. He said don't give because you are expecting something back 

I began to feel guilty at this point as i realized, christmas and New year came and passed, and i was not a blessing to anyone, i was so caught up in my drama and activities that i forgot to bless people with what the Lord has blessed me with. 
Remember that you are blessed to be a blessing .

He then led us to pray , he gave us scriptures and over our lives we declared them. Psalm 112:1-3 Right after we sowed seeds ,gave our offerings and we ended the service for the day!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to day 3!!!

Picture source - COZA Global

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