Friday, 6 January 2017

Day 3!!! 12DG at COZA

Day3 of the 12DG , we had the privilege of hosting Ambassador Cindy Trimm, i don't think i'm gonna recover from that encounter anytime soon. I can't but thank God for exposing me to His word in this manner, through this amazing woman of God.

As the service started, after the amazing praise x worship by the Avalanche, we made confessions, i'm truly excited about this segment, i love it, i thought it was a once in a while thing but everyday , we make confessions and the bible has said that we shall decree a thing, and it shall come to pass.

******** confessions *********
- A new me emerges this year 2017
- i am a weapon in the hand of God.
- God uses me to Break nations, Nations of  lack,poverty, mediocrity ,Stagnation and confusion.
- I shall not Breakdown but i'm breaking forth on all sides this year
-i decree there's No smallness arnd me this year
-I ditch every seed of unbelief,

My senior pastor came up stage to speak to us to be more prayerful, spend more time in the prescence of God, hear Him speak to you and reveal things to you. God cannot entrust things into your care or hand, if He doesn't have a relationship with you. If God places anything in your hand, for Him to take you from one level to another, your Relationship with Him needs to go deeper. In the place of worship ,minister to God.
Minister - means to serve.
You minister to God, by touching His heart. Speaking in tongues is ministering to God. The bible says let all kinds of prayer be prayed in the spirit. We were made for worship.
He went on to explain more about worship and then we lifted our hands to heaven and began to speak in other tongues, going deeper and generating power.

He proceeded to welcoming the woman of God, Ambassador cindy Trimm!!!!!

She looked gorgeous in a green jacket,pants and top combo. She thanked pastor for having her and then we got into the word. Oh, she was also impressed with The avalanche, they sang "i came to magnify the Lord.." to welcome her in.

             Ambassador Cindy Trimm

She preached on the topic - "The signature of God" . She told us we were created in the image and likeness of God , God's DNA is on the inside of us,we have the potential to create just like God, its on the inside of us. God said lets make man in our own image and likeness. Therefore, we are like our maker. Something she said here hit me. She said, GOD did not look to a monkey or an ape and say ,lets make man in that image , and i just remembered the jargon i was taught in secondary school about man evolving from apes and that we are primates.
God looked at himself and said , lets make man in our image and after our likeness, don't get it twisted, we are like God.

She also told us that the reason alot of christians struggle is because they are suffering from identity crisis , they have no knowledge of who they are and you cannot know who you are without knowing christ, when you do you begin to walk in the full potential of what has been given to us here on earth.

She read a scripture ,Ecclesiastes 10:5 and 6 - English Standard Version (ESV) "There is an evil that I have seen under the sun, as it were an error proceeding from the ruler: folly is set in many high places, and the rich sit in a low place."

The rich referring to us christians , the ones who don't know who they are or whose they are, they sit in low places /toil and suffer. While the wicked are being set in high places and are riding on horses , occupying positions meant for us. 
But when you come into the knowledge of God , you know who you are and you begin to recover all that the enemy has stolen. 

When you begin to build a relationship with God, God begins to reveal himself to you and as  you get a revelation of God you get a revelation of yourself . There's something on the inside of you ,you have no idea about.

She pronounced prophetic declarations on us as she spoke about numbers being important to God in the bible, She said three(3) is the number of God, the signature of God. Jesus rose on the third day, the trinity (God,the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit), humans have three forms, the body ,soul and spirit, . She then pronounced so many blessings on the month of march being the third month and she was het with us on the third day. She then said  as Jesus rose on the third day, every dead situation turns around for good, she declared march is a month of glory ,of honor. January people may deny us like Peter denied Jesus three times and they may crucify us , but in march our third month, we shall rise again, Better and bigger than before

She also said this year 2017, 17 is a significant number in the bible , on the 17th day  Noah's ark rested on the mount of Ararat after the flood, Ararat means rest , Noah also means rest. 
So , 2017 is a year of rest. 

She called for a seed , and people responded, she prayed over it and then handed over to pastor who came blessed the house and we gave our tithes and offerings and we closed. 

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